Monday, September 18, 2017

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Autumn contest

Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having an Autumn floss give away.  Be sure to read the rules for entering her contest!  And what stitcher can't ever use more floss???? These lovely flosses are hand dyed by Nancy and are great to stitch with. So head on over to her blog to read and see these wonderful Autumn colors!!!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

LHN Autumnal SAL stitched project finished

WOOHOO!!!  I am doing the happy dance today as well as last night.  I finished stitching my LHN Blessed Are the Peacemakers for the LHN/CCN Autumnal SAL Saturday evening.  I decided to wait until today to post about it.  I will be doing the final finishing on this project this week and making it into a stand up cube.

This was a fun project to stitch up especially as I don't have very many Autumn stitched to display.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Day 2 of LHN/CCN Autumnal SAL....

Ok just a quick post for those who may not have a Facebook account or on the LHN Facebook page.

Here is where I stopped last night at 3:30 a.m.   Ok...early in the wee hours this morning. LOL

I do hope to get this finished today but we'll see.  I did have 3 quick errands to run this a.m. as I like to go do my errands first thing to start my day so I can have the remaning day to myself.  Especially this weekend when I am trying to only stitch.

Not too bad progress for Day 1.  I am sure I would have been farther had I not been checking back every now and then to see who had posted their LHN progress!  LOL  It's been fun to see what everyone is stitching on for this SAL!!!

Back to the needle and my spot on the loveseat!  

Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, September 1, 2017

LHN/CCN Autumnal Facebook SAL

WOOHOO!!!  Today is our starting date for our LHN/CCN Autumnal SAL.  This is being hosted by Vonna on Facebook.  I have pulled my fabric out of the bag and pressed the 36ct V. Light Examplar for LHN Blessed Are the Peacemakers.  What a great day to start a new project on a Friday!!  Ohhhh who am I kidding???  Who doesn't love starting a new project!!!???!!!  (Guilty as spoken!) LOL

I hope to get A LOT of stitching done this weekend as DS and DH are heading out for a retreat this Labor Day weekend!!!  I could have gone on the retreat but I have been traveling so much this year thus far I just needed some down time to not GO ANYWHERE else as of yet. I have all my chores and errands caught up so I have NOTHING TO DO but cross stitch this weekend, and I am gonna love it!!

Happy Stitching everyone!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

August Smalls SAL......

It's that time again for our Smalls post.  Our SAL is run by Heather of Stitching Lotus and you can click on her link to see what all the participants have been stitching this past month!

I only got a few stitched which makes for only a few to be able to post about.  I did sign up for the With Thy Needle & Thread Summer Schoolhouse project and I managed to get it almost completed before part 2 arrived.  It arrived the day before I put in the last of my stitches.  Oh well.  I will call it close enough.  This is A LOT of over 1 stitching on 25ct Mushroom Lugana.  This project is stitched in the called for threads and fabric.  I am not ususally a huge fan of stitching big pieces over one matter what count it is.  However, this was just a cute fun filled project that I just had to sign up for it.

This is my part 1 stitched only portion.  I am going to back it with regular fabric rather than the mushroom lugana like she recommended.

I am sorry for the lines on the sides as I have been extremely busy after getting my DD settled back into TN for her to do her student teaching and then DS starting school here.  So I have been playing catch up on chores, errands and other appointments and retirements that have taken my time as of lately.  So a few wrinkles can wait until I am actually doing the finishing on it.

I have been going back and trying to get other finished projects sewn up and actually finished!  This is PS 2015 Santa that I finished stitching earlier this year.  Now he is all complete and ready to hang on my Christmas tree this year!

Last project I have finished is NOT a stitched project.  I made a new cup organizer for DD to use at the school where she is doing her student teaching.  I would like to say that the high school she is teaching Chemistry at is my high school!!!  Yes.....I am A VERY PROUD MAMA!!!!   The patter for this mug organizer is Simplicity 2450.

That is all I have to share for this month.  I am still trying to finish up this month's PS Santa and so perhaps next week I can get it finished into the ornament along with the other 3 sitting on my cutting table.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

LHN Autumnal SAL

I am soooo excited about the upcoming LHN Autumnal SAL on Facebook.  It starts on Sept 1 and ends Nov 1.  But you have to be a member of Facebook and then be a part of the LHN to join in.  It's super easy to do.

I have picked out my project, got it ordered and now......the waiting begins!  Here is what I am going to be stitching for the SAL.  I will make it into a stand up cube when the stitching is finished!

The chart came with the floss included and I ordered 36ct Vintage Exampler for the fabric.  I wanted to be able to stitch it using only 1 thread and make the cube small enough as well.

If I get that finished before the Nov 1 deadline, I hope to get the LHN Kindness also stitched up into a pincushion or small ornament.  Not too sure how I want to finish it.

That's all I have for now.  Happy Stitching everyone!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

August TUSAL.....

Here we are again for our monthly TUSAL report!  And today is the Solar Eclipse!!!  What a great day to be posting!!!  Sharon of It's Daffycat is our lovely host of the TUSAL.  Be sure to click on her blog link to see what she's been up to and to see the other participants of the TUSAL.

I did not have as many ORTs this time.  I have been traveling quite a bit which has cut into my stitching time as well.  Then having some bad Multiple Schlerosis days of fatigue cuts into my stitching time.  Oh well.

Here is what I have to show for this month's ORTs.

Also, today is my mom's birthday so I want to give a shout out to my wonderful mom!!!!  Yes this was taken back in June but we don't get into Knoxville very often so I always try to get a pic when I go in.  See how tall my kids are too!!!!  They have definitely gotten taller than their Mamaw and their mom.  In order from left, Daniel, Carolyn (my mom), me, and Grace.

That's all I have for today!  Happy Stitching everyone and Happy Solar Eclipse!!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

July Smalls post.....

Heather of Stitching Lotus is our hostess of our Smalls SAL.  I love being in this group because I always have some sort of small project going whether it be an ornament for a gift or some small project for myself!!!

I want to share my LHN Liberty Belles that I stitched for a Small project for the Facebook Smalls Group.  This was a UFO and it had blue it in so it met 2 of the requirements that the Facebook Smalls challenge had suggested.  I got a little aggravated at the cording as I was glueing it on because the cord twisted on me at the very last minute when trying to join the 2 sections in the very front.  My red twisted back inward but I would have had to pull the whole cording off the box, remake another cording to lay down.  This one is for me and I can live with that little bit of red folding back on itself.  This project was stitched on 32ct fabric using Hand Dyed Fibers in premium silk.

This was a scissor fob for my friend Pat's birthday.  It was from the LK Collect Moments as the extra project on the chart.  But I graphed out her name instead of just using her initials.  I also used Hand Dyed Fibers in premium on this project as well.

This was a sled I gave as a gift to my best friend Karen.  I just LOVE these Foxwood Crossings initial sleds!!!!  They stitch up SOOOO QUICKLY!!!

That's all I have to share for this Smalls post!!!  Happy Stitching everyone!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Late TUSAL report....

Sharon of It's Daffycat is our hostess of our TUSAL reports.  I am a couple days late on this post as I was extremely busy on Sunday when we were to post our TUSAL report.

But I have ORTs to show and LOTS of them for this month.  My little tin that Pat painted for me was starting to overflow.

I'm off to stitch as I have had a VERY busy day today and tomorrow is looking to be the same.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Belated Father's Day present post.....

WOW!!!  Am I late or what for posting DH's Father's Day present??!!!  I told you about it, but I needed to take a picture of it before he took it to work and hang on his wall.  (Then I forgot to blog about it.  I'm sorry about that.)

This is Foxwood Crossing River Road Church.  I saw this stitched and framed at the cross stitch shop Dixie Darlin' in Pigeon Forge, TN.  I fell in love with this and just knew it was the perfect gift to stitch up for DH!!!

Now....back to stitching today on a Christmas present.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WIP Wednesday!!!!

I have been meaning to post this on my blog but one thing or another keeps getting in my way.  So I am doing NOW before I let one more thing stop me

I am participating in the All About Smalls on Facebook.  Our challenge this time was as follows:

The theme: “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”
Challenge Guidelines: 
1. This is a personal challenge, running June 2017 through July 2017. (Yes, you may start as soon as you are ready.) I won’t be tracking participation for this challenge, just too busy, so this one’s on your honor.
2. Choose a project from at least TWO (2) of the following categories:
• something *OLD* from your stash (even UFO’s)
• something brand spanking *NEW*
• something *BORROWED* (such as a finishing idea or palette conversion)
• something with the color *BLUE* in it (fabric, floss, beads, etc.)
3. Keep it small, y’all! The focus for this group is Smalls and small finishes. Size does matter!
4. Post your challenge project, in a separate post, “BEFORE” you commence stitching. Include:
• two categories (old, new, borrowed or blue) in which your project falls
• pattern and designer information
• why it will be a challenge for you
5. Share your progress, or lack thereof, weekly. When you post, please note that it’s about your challenge project. You are welcome to share any obstacles that you faced or successes, however small, that you achieved. And remember to give recognition to the fabulous designers that keep us in stitches.
6. Complete and fully finished challenge projects must be posted by August 1, 2017. Begin post with the word, “Challenge.”
7. Please be kind and supportive of one another. Offer encouragement, answer questions, leave comments and reactions.
8. Have fun!

Here is my start.  I will have a finish to show soon!!!  This is LHN Liberty Belles.  I can't remember the fabric count or name but I am using Hand Dyed Fibers picked as close to the colors suggested.

I hope to have a finish to show within the next week!!  

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!!!  I pray that you are able to spend it with your family and friends and remember those who have gone before us to give us this freedom.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June Smalls SAL....

Heather of Stitching Lotus is our illustrious host of our Smalls SAL!!!  You can see what everyone has done for this month by clicking on her blog link.

I have been busy and can show some things and others will have to wait because they are gifts.  The first one is a gift  I stitched for my pastor's wife.  She has been battling breast cancer this past year so I stitched this My Big Toe Joyful, Patient, and Faithful project for her.  I am happy to report that she is doing very well after having both chemotherapy and radiation!!!

Side view

This is Heartstring Samplery Sweet Land of Liberty made into a pincushion and filled with walnut shells!!!  Just in time for the July 4 time frame.  It has been stitched for a while but I did the finishing today to share on today's blog post!

I found this wonderful American Flag fabric when I went looking for some fabric to back the  pincushion.

That's all I can show today!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June TUSAL...Late posting

Well here I am late posting my June ORTs.  I am sooo sorry but I have been fighting a cold that went with me on my family vacation.  I just haven't felt well enough to keep up with some things.  Not to worry, I think I am finally over this darn cold.

Here is what I have to show for the month of June.  Not too many but I did manage to get some stitching in this month.

Now I am off to hopefully pin down DD new birthday dress.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day.....

I wasn't able to spend Father's Day with my dad today, but I was able to visit him yesterday while I was in town.  I brought his gift to him and visited with him.  My mom wanted him to open his card right then, but my dad is like me and can wait til the actual day to open his presents!  We had a great time seeing each other!!!

I felt really bad for my husband as we were driving back home from vacation, and he spent 5hours driving us on his Father's Day.  I offered to drive but DH gets bored being the passenger.  Not to worry, we did spoil him when we got home and after we all unpacked from vacation.  DH got the movie Hacksaw Ridge and a card from the kids.  I gave him a cross stitched picture which I don't have photographed yet, but I will share soon.  I also gave him a card and some restaurant gift cards.

He is such a wonderful and loving husband and I was going to take him out to dinner.  However, after spending so much time in the van the past couple of days coming from Florida to Tennessee and then on to Ohio, he had enough of being in the car and riding.  So I just fixed dinner for him instead!!!  But we will go out to dinner one night this week to celebrate!!

I found these 2 pictures that decribes him very well!

Have a great Father's Day!!!!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Freebie Chart Friday......

I thought I would try something new by offering a free chart on Friday's.  I am sure I have PLENTY of freebies in my stash.

This is Samplers Not Forgotten newest free chart that was offered this year at Nashville Market.  Kimberly stitched this in the new Classic Colorworks threads that were released also for the Nashville Market.  Click on the chart to save it to your files.

Here is what the pinkeep looks like.  Be sure to see how Kimberly braided the threads to make the cording going around the pinkeep and made knots at the corners.  SUCH A GREAT IDEA FOR FINISHING!!!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day.....

As I spend this day with my family, I am reminded of what wonderful freedom we have because of those who have gone before us and served and have fallen for our freedom.  I pray you will remember those service members who have died for our freedom today but also their families as well and those who are serving now.

I will be stitching something patriotic today and hope to show you soon.

Happy Stitching and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Gifts and WIP pictures.....

This first picture is of belated birthday and Christmas gifts from my dear sweet friend Carol of iStitch..  She LOVES to stitch miniature projects and does an excellent job!!!  She made a tiny biscornu and tiny fob to attach to scissors.  I love all the gifts she sent to me!!  I'm really easy to please but it's always nice to get new scissors and supplies for stitching!!!  She even gave me one of the new Hands Across the Sea sampler cards as my card!!!!  I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!  Thank you so much Carol!!!

Here is where I am at on my Samplers Not Forgotten Springtime In My Garden.  I posted recently about pulling it back out from being a UFO to making it my WIP.  I just can't seem to put it down lately.  (Although I have to when I am doing laundry like today.  LOL)

Happy Stitching everyone!!!

May TUSAL......

Yes it's TUSAL time.  In fact, I am a couple of days late in posting my TUSAL when the posting date was May 25.  Oh dear.  Our TUSAL is hosted by It's Daffycat.

Here is where I am at for May.  It doesn't look like but so I really must be stitching way down on the thread to barely nothing to clip off.  I have also taken a picture of my big jar where all these ORTs get dumped into.

My big jar is close to halfway full, and it's only May!!!

Now back to stitching and doing the laundry today.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Friday, May 26, 2017

May Smalls Post.....

Heather of Stitching Lotus is our host for our Smalls SAL.  You can see it on the link above or her blog name.

I have been very busy stitching and here are some of the things I can show you this month.

I was able to finish 2 PS ornaments this month.  I got behind on stitching them for my tree this year but at least they are finished stitching.  Here are the 2 I completed this month, and I hope to sew them into the actual ornaments next week.

PS 2015 Santa

PS 2000 Santa

This is iStitch Sew Stitcher that I stitched and sewed into a project bag for a trip I took.  I made an ORT catcher and thread organizer pack to match.

That's all I have to share this month for our Smalls posting.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Happy Stitching!